With over more than hundred and thousands of communication mode available the organizations are looking for the best services that they can easily use for their company. The Private Branch Exchange or the PBX is the new technology or system which helps the small and the big companies to easily manage the incoming calls as well as the outgoing calls. There are four different kind of PBX phone system which is PBX, IP PBX, VIRTUAL PBX and VIRTUAL IP PBX.

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PBX- PBX systems allow the employees to calls the other employees. This system helps the business to make phone calls within the organization. It provides the facility of internal communication. This helps in saving the money on external phone services.

IP PBX– It is a PBX phone system which takes the help of Internet Protocol (IP) data network. It includes the leading communication characteristic such as voice mail to email.

VIRTUAL PBX– It is an inexpensive telephone service for the small business. It helps in transmitting the calls over the internet. For outbound calls it may require a separate phone service, depending on the service provider. It is much easier to install and manage the calls, which helps in providing better customer services. It permits a single number to represent the whole company or organization, even though the organization has different branches at different geographical locations.

VIRTUAL IP PBX– It includes all the features or characteristics of the traditional PBX. It maintains a single user group to save the call costs. It ensures the business progress and continuity in the time of emergency and interruption. At the time of bad weather and major disaster in your locality, the work of virtual IP PBX se4rvice can continue smoothly without any kind of disturbance or interruption.


  • A PBX is made up of both the software and hardware and it connects easily to hubs, witches, rooters, telephone adapters, telephone sets etc.
  • It makes the communication between the employees and within the organization more easy and powerful.
  • It permits free telephone communication within a company or organization.
  • The PBX telephone system is very cheap and cost effective way of communication.
  • The PBX system is highly functional. The Virtual PBX systems are much more reliable than the other kinds of communicating technologies.
  • It provides great communication or conversation flow between the different departments of the company which in turn result in a organized or integrated working process.
  • It is very flexible and user friendly to work from any location.
  • The system helps the company to store the message digitally.
  • The IP PBX system is easier to connect to VoIP.
  • It helps the companies to concentrate and remain focus on the important issues rather than wasting their precious times is calls maintenance and sound quality, etc.
  • Those companies that are hosting the PBX phone system may easily rent or buy the phones that are used by the employees.
  • If some problems occur in the PBX system you don’t need to hire some professional to solve the problem, the service provider takes care of such problems and offers continual service to its customers.




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