Basic Prerequisites for Los Angeles Business Phone Lines

Top connectivity solutions are a must in the LA business environment. Know what to ask for in terms of phone lines and their features, to benefit your work stream and finances alike:

Local/long distance call discounts

Your business phone line package should definitely include a generous number of free or even unlimited minutes for calls. These must come at an advantageous price. Focus on what you need most: local calls, long distance interstate/international calls or both.

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Voice mobility

This refers to a feature that lets you take on calls wherever you may be, on any compatible device, thus never missing any opportunity. Through voice mobility, you can make the phone ring in any chosen office or right on your mobile phone as well, being capable of maintaining the business flow unhindered.

Call-to-voicemail feature

Californian businesses heavily rely on this. It’s a great feature for large busy companies, but small ones need it to, because it’s so convenient. When the various operations become a hindrance and you cannot answer calls, this converts them to voice mail and sends them to your email account. The feature may even convert your voice messages to text so you can read them instead.

System growth/expansion possibilities

If you own a small or medium business and you’re expecting it to grow, you need to opt for a phone line package that allows for growth, making it simple and inexpensive. Too many business owners choose the wrong package and then face sky-high costs as they plan for an upgrade.]

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Call forwarding and recording

These are two essential features when you’re doing business. If you’re too busy to answer, the calls will be redirected, so you’re not losing customers. Also, because all business operations and communications are important, it’s always recommended to record them. This will provide proof whenever necessary and might even get you out of unpleasant situations such as legal trouble.

Besides the mentioned aspects, you must take into consideration every particular business operation and each space you own and manage (all offices, warehouses etc.). If you think your business follows a unique style, you will benefit from a free needs analysis with Telenet Solutions, so you can determine the best approach.

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