British Package Forwarding can be the Answer to Your International Payment Woes

One of the great conundrums that have faced the world over the last 30 years has been the endless increase in the cost of global shipping. This ever-increasing cost of transporting goods and even people across a country or across the world is the result of the fundamental means of transportation not keeping up, in terms of technological advancement, with everything else. For example, while a modern cell phone costs about as much as a baseball bat did in 1960, and it has more computing power than the Apollo 13 space ship, a modern jetliner is, on average, slower today than it was in 1960. The technology of moving people and things has not substantially improved over the last 50 years, while other things have vastly improved. This makes shipping ever more expensive relative to other goods and services, which gives the impression of ever-rising costs.

For this reason, among others, such as fraud issues, many sellers on eBay, Amazon and even small businesses in the UK have begun to restrict international shipping. For the dedicated consumer or small businessperson who relies on the UK market to get the things they need, this can present a serious problem. Luckily, there is a company with a solution.

Skypax gives you a real UK address

Skypax is a company that allows you to get a real UK shipping address. Want to buy something from a seller that refuses to ship internationally? No problem. Just have them send it to your Skypax mailing address and Skypax will forward it to your international home or office address. But that isn’t all that Skypax can do.

Skypax also offers its customers with assistance in making purchases from UK companies. Anyone who has attempted to make a purchase from a European or British company, from an international destination, understands all too well the nightmare that modern financial regulations impose upon those who would like to do business internationally. In its heavy-handed quest to end money laundering, the European Union and Great Britain have imposed severe restrictions on the ability of those located abroad to acquire UK payment methods. Anyone who has attempted to shop at a store that accepts widely used British payment methods, such as Skrill, Neteller or PaySafe, has run headlong into the realization that there is no way for them to transact with those stores. What’s more, credit cards often have headache-inducing restrictions on international purchases. It is often not possible to simply pay a UK vendor with your Visa card. Often, the transaction will be declined by the credit card company due to some arcane regulation or company rule.

But Skypax has you covered. They will make the purchase for you, using whatever payment method the company with which you’re transacting accepts. Try this service at the Skypax website.

No matter what your reason for transacting with British companies, Skypax has the solution you need to make your payments and receive your goods, without the roadblocks and nightmares that such transactions usually entail.


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