Supernatural films and dramas

There was a time when film which were based on supernatural themes were  categorized in the horror section but now things have changes and there are two type of film which are being made on supernatural themes some of them are being made in the old way to scare people and give them the best adventure by showing them supernatural activities and figures like Dracula and all that but there are other kinds of films and TV series which are based on supernatural figers but the main theme of those films is not really to scare people or such things.  The character of those films or TV series is being portrait like hero even if they are supernatural creatures. This is the new way of cinematic entertainment for people.

These types of films are even being categorized in different categories those which have a scary element are known as horror films or tv shows but there are other which are based on romance and adventure and that are being put in supernatural’s category. The most famous supernatural characters are based on vampires and werewolf’s, there are also those charters who are human by birth but does have some supernatural powers.

Vampires of films and drama series can be romantic figures, often described as elegant and sexy. In films vampires are fighting with other people who are just like them but have evil natures, they are trying to protect humans and falling in love with them. They do not need other food, water, or even oxygen. The fictional vampire, however, often has a pale appearance rather than the dark or ruddy skin of folkloric vampires and their skin is cool to the touch. These movies based on vampires and other supernatural creatures have given something new to their viewers which are different from other genres. For long people were looking at those characters at scary ones but now they are considering them the best examples of their idols and romantic hero.

Dracula was the scariest movie of its time in which a vampire was killing people and drinking their blood but in today’s time twilight is being considered the most romantic film and the hero of the film named Edward is also a vampire but he has been portrait as a hero who is trying to save his love from other people like him and the girl is human. There are many such examples of this kind of films and TV series. The vampire diaries are the most famous TV series based on vampires and many other supernatural creatures. This series has eight seasons and each season full of romance suspense and adventure. This drama series has kept its viewers attention till the last season and haven’t let them get bore. This series is based on the story of two brothers who are vampires and fall in love with same girl who is a high school student and a human.  This series has shown that vampires feel every emotion at a great level whether they are in love, or hate, whether they are sad or angry, they do it much to extremely then humans.

This series has had its last season in April 2017 but if you are interested in watching all the season’s of vampire diaries or many other supernatural shows you can go to putlocker.

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