Top Myths of Recruitment Software That Must Be Busted

Just like any other business, you will find that there are some preconceived notions about recruitment software. Whether these are based on the bad experience or with the legacy of an applicant tracking software- the bottomline is that these preconceptions make dumps the selection process.

Yes, there are some myths about applicant tracking software that might be true, but that is not true with all that you listen.

Here in this article thus we have highlighted some of those myths regarding the recruiting tracking software that must be busted.

  1. The recruiting tracking software comes expensive

You will actually find customers who want to save money when they move to an applicant tracking system. The modern applicant tracking system can help you to make time and with efficient improvement, thus allowing the in-house teams to increase the capacity without increasing the number of people in the team.

Rather than just checking the price of the applicant tracking software, work out on the cost you are going to spend on the talent acquisition strategy as a whole. Check and see if you are outsourcing any part. What is the cost of total hiring and you are sure to find the figure higher than buying a recruitment software?

  1. Recruitment software is the barrier between candidates and recruiters

The modern day applicant tracking software should be able to handle a lot of administrative tasks that come in the path of the recruitment process. With the use of clever automation, the applicant tracking software can help you to have some free time and this means the recruiters are going to have some more time to spend with the engaging candidates.

The best recruiting tracking software can improve your candidate’s experience, and even personalize it.

  1. We find it difficult to update the software

Well, this thing varies from provider to provider. Though there is recruiting tracking software that offers free updates without any charges. This helps the recruitment agency to constantly adapt the market conditions and improve accordingly.

  1. Most say that the applicant tracking software is not flexible

The modern day recruitment software that you will come across today are mostly configurable. It is able to handle a number of workflows and custom application questions. It is important to handle and tailor the way you want to work on it.

  1. You can manage things with spreadsheet that does not mean you do not need a recruitment software

Do you know the spreadsheets are the hardest things to maintain and if you had done the same thing on an applicant tracking software you could have eventually saved a lot of time? Usually, the growing organizations are able to reach a melting point, where the disadvantages of the spreadsheet will soon be seen. It is important to recognize the growth of your organization and hence if you are still maintaining the spreadsheet then it can negatively affect your business when it comes to hiring.

The applicant tracking systems help to reduce the administrative burdens and thus connect the candidates eventually.

Bonus Read:

Do you know that most of the people who do not buy a recruitment software have an excuse to give – It is difficult to contact their support, so if they need a fix to resolve their issues, they fail to get the support of the customer services. But some providers actually support people over the email, but there are some who eventually give a phone support as well. You do not know that, see this recruitment software are actually a great boon.

If you feel that these are the reasons that kept you away from the recruiting tracking software, then it’s high time to change your attitude.
















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